Matthew Jenkins Photography

Hi there. I’m Matthew Jenkins and I’m a portrait photographer. And you guessed it, I take pictures of people… lots of pictures. I'm based in Mid-Ohio, but travel for most sessions.

I grew up in small town Ohio and with a strong passion for art. I always had pencil and paper in hand and graduated college with a degree in graphic design. 

So why photography? Well, I’ve always been drawn to photography ever since college, though I never really considered it as a profession. It wasn’t until the birth of our son that I thought of photography as a viable choice of profession.

What do I find so special about photography? Well, I genuinely enjoy meeting new people and in doing so I get to travel and discover new places. It’s the ability to work anywhere; to take my office with me on the road. I love (even challenging as it can be at times) being an entrepreneur. It’s quite rewarding. I like confronting new challenges day to day; to not be doing the same monotonous routine day after day. Although I miss working with great friends in my normal 9 to 5 job, I love getting to meet with a constant variety of new people and traveling to unique places I might not normally get to.    

I’ve always worked in a creative field of some sort since graduating college. I started Matthew Jenkins Photography as a way to fill my need to create. It’s also a way for me to express my passion of art. In photography, you don’t take photos, you make them. It’s my goal to inject some artistic flavor into people’s lives and give back to people the best way I can in a positive and inspiring light. This may all sound a bit cheesy, but it’s really what I believe in.

And for you, the client, I want to be able to bring out the natural beauty and true expressiveness in people. It’s what brings a smile to my face. I work hard to capture the natural you in as much variety as possible and turn that over to you. I deliver all I can to you, the client, for one set investment. Above all, I want you to have positive and fun experience with your session.